Framing the Dialogue

Daniel Silva

I had the good fortune of stumbling upon A Death in Vienna by Daniel Silva at a flea market this summer. I risked the dollar and bought the book. I took it with me on vacation to Virginia Beach. To say I couldn’t put it down might sound like a cliche, but it is true. I really devoured this book which lead me to the search for and read all of Mr. Silva’s other book this summer:

The Gabriel Allon Series; The recurring characters work for a secret Israeli agency that kick butt and don’t take names. If you have a thing against Jewish people you probably don’t want to read these as they are the good guys. Not always ethical, but definitely the good guys. You don’t have to read them in order, but the story lines do flow through the books:

The Kill Artist (1998)
The English Assassin (2002)
The Confessor (2003)
A Death in Vienna (2004)
Prince of Fire (2005)
The Messenger (2006)
The Secret Servant (2007)
Moscow Rules (2008)

Other books…just as good:

The Unlikely Spy (1995) – World War II intrigue
The Mark of the Assassin (1998) – Michael Osbourne as the hero fighting international terrorism
The Marching Season (1999) – Michael Osbourne is the main character dealing with modern terrorism

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