Framing the Dialogue

Dancing on His Grave Yet Taking His Money

In what is the worst of all manners, President Obama has bragged thousands of times about “getting bin Laden,” but has recently taken campaign donations from the dead al Qaida leader.  Say what?  As his campaign did in 2008, Obama “turned off” the controls/safeguards that prevent foreign contributions to his campaign coffers.  World Net Daily had the idea to see if Osama could donate from a Pakistani Internet Protocol using a throw away credit card and a fake address.  So what do you think happened?

Obama Campaign Accepts Online Donations from ‘Osama Bin Laden’

“I have been hearing the same stories from many sources during this campaign as well.  Every other campaign has safeguards against these illegal transactions–every campaign except the Obama campaign….[it’s] abundantly clear that the Obama campaign is raising and accepting illegal contributions–and is being protected from investigation by his politicized Department of Justice.  It is high time that this was investigated and all illegal funds disgorged– and those responsible be prosecuted.”

– – Cleta Mitchell – – [Republican campaign finance attorney]

“The use of a robust Address Verification System (AVS) would significantly minimize donations with invalid ZIP codes from slipping through the net. When you use your credit card at a pay-at-the-pump gas station, you have to enter your ZIP code. Enter the wrong number or none at all, your transaction is denied. If that’s the standard to buy gas, surely it’s reasonable to expect the same for donating to federal candidates.”

– – GAI President Peter Schweizer – –


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