Framing the Dialogue

Dancin In D.C.

“He’s like a man who took two dates to the prom and is trying to keep them both happy. He may not pull it off, but he is dancing as fast as he can.”

                                              – – Brit Hume

Mr. Hume of course was discussing President Obama as he continues to wiggle to be all things to all people while refusing to lead on important issues as a world leader should. Obama has become the quintessential politician whose sole goal seems to be getting reelected. As of this writing and reported in The American Thinker, Obama has made 31 fundraising trips so far in 2011. This is above and beyond the numerous rounds of golf.

I heard Mr. Hume’s quote driving to work this morning and found the visual it created for me humorous, scary, and concerned for the fate of our republic with Obama at the helm. Actually since he is in constant campaign mode he is not at the helm. I am not sure who is. One has to wonder at what point do his fellow Democrats tire of his finger pointing at them (they are part of Congress too) and finally take a stand for the separation of powers. I have not seen any spine yet. As I read the paper during lunch I was struck by a number of stories that demonstrate Obama’s dual prom date theme in just one section of the paper on just one day.

The first story is interesting in that the Obama Administration signaled that if requested by Iraq American troops would be left in Iraq to “train security forces” through 2012. This seems like something that George W. Bush would do not Obama who ran on an anti-Iraq war platform. Perhaps Obama is counting on you misremembering his promise to end the war and bring the troops home as his Democrat/liberal base wants. What are the chances that he’ll redefine “war” (like he did in Libya) and reclassify the “troops” left behind as “advisors” like has been done when we don’t want to admit to having troops somewhere (sounds a little like JFK and Vietnam). My only hope is that the troops left behind are not so compromised by ridiculous rules of engagement that their lives are at risk.

The second story is a little further south where the United States Navy captured a Somali man thought to have ties to terrorists. The man was interrogated and gave up “important intelligence about al-Qaida” before being transferred to New York to face charges. The terrorist, not a citizen of the United States, was read Miranda rights, even though he is not a citizen of the United States, and will be afforded all rights of American citizens when he is tried in civilian courts, even though he is not an American citizen. Lest you think that Obama is taking the “high road” in this case you should know that the captured man was held and interrogated for two months aboard the Navy ship before he was charged with a crime. I guess some rights are more important than others.

We move from Somalia to space…the final frontier where Obama had decided that NASA should scrap the shuttle program, become ambassadors to the Muslim world, and collect climate data to support Al Gore’s man-made global warming scheme. A reduction in the size of NASA would create some savings, however, a recent poll by the Pew Research Center indicates that 58 percent of Americans believe that it is “essential” that the United States be THE leader in space. Obama is a far cry from JFK.

And at last Obama is getting serious, really serious this time about the debt limit. Contrary to his views when a new senator and opposed raising the debt ceiling he now cannot wait for a higher credit limit. Obama plans a “summit to meet with congressional leaders to discuss the plans. Lest they forget, this is the same Obama that decried the fact that he was home tackling the big issues (“I did bin Laden”) while they were shirking their duties. Lest the Republicans forget Obama will set himself up with a bully-pulpit and carefully seat members of Congress in front who he’ll lambast in front of his fawning media. Only time will tell whether the Republican leadership will show some spine. Remember they won’t have teleprompters.

“President Obama’s handpicked economic advisers waited until the Friday before the long Independence Day holiday weekend to release a report showing how bankrupt the economic “stimulus” was. It cost taxpayers $278,000 per added or saved job. As The Weekly Standard’s Jeffrey Anderson noted, “(T)he government could have simply cut a $100,000 check to everyone whose employment was allegedly made possible by the ‘stimulus,’ and taxpayers would have come out $427 billion ahead.” Consider “outlandish” redefined.”

“While President Barack Obama seeks a world free of nuclear weapons — by reducing the U.S. arsenal — other nations are busily bolstering their nuke know-how.  Defense Secretary Robert Gates notes in an interview with Newsweek that North Korea is developing a road-mobile intercontinental ballistic missile, a big step from its fixed-launch-pad-based Taepodong ICBM. These mobile missiles would be far more difficult to spot or track, even with “eyes in the sky.”  Meanwhile Iran is well on its way to producing enriched uranium far beyond what’s needed supposedly for nuclear plant fuel. Which also might explain why oil-rich Saudi Arabia — no friend of Iran — reportedly plans to build up to 15 nuclear power plants by 2030 at a cost of up to $100 billion, says Peter Brookes of the New York Post.  Yet amid growing world nuclear proliferation, Team Obama committed the U.S. to the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty with Russia, which amounts to no meaningful weapon cuts for the latter but reduces U.S. warheads and eliminates 25 percent of America’s launchers. Shrewd.  U.S. strength, not deferentialism, ended the Cold War with Russia. President Obama bargains from a position of weakness and expects other nations to follow suit. Is the outcome at all surprising?”

It is getting harder and harder to resist the temptation to surmise that Obama may not have the best interests of America in his heart.  How could someone of his age display such economic and foreign policy naivete?

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