Framing the Dialogue

Daddy 3.0

daddy“It was embarrassing to be a guy without a job.  I had thought staying home with the kids would be a part-time gig.  Getting a job in New York seemed like a cool idea, but after a few months of hunting during a hiring slump, I discovered the number of job openings to be about the same as the number of hairs on my bald head.  It seemed that the dot-com companies had finally decided to be prudent and control expenses.  Go figure.”

In Daddy 3.0, Liz and Nick moved from the San Francisco area to New York for her medical residency.  They moved into an apartment complex that was shared by many families in the same circumstances…one spouse spending long hours trying to become a doctor.  Nick’s problem was that he was the only male spouse that stayed at home.  There was not a lot of respect for a stay-at-home dad in that building…and his two lovely daughters were not always very lovely.

This novel by Rob Armstrong is sold as a “comedy of errors” and I really enjoyed the comedic parts of the book.  There were parts where I wanted to scream at Nick’s predicament or his kids or his wife or his in-laws, but this was a very entertaining book.  Well worth reading.

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