Framing the Dialogue

Custard’s Last Stand

Apparently the cooking/herb theme for murder mysteries is a booming business.  The latest that I read is by a woman of Amish descent, Tamar Myers.  Though in my opinion not in the league of the Chyna Bayles or Hanna Swensen Custard’s Last Stand was entertaining.  The book was written from the first person viewpoint of the heroine, Magdelena Yoder, a Mennonite Inn owner in a small town between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  Magdelena, like all good amateur sleuths jumps into action when a guest is murdered in her PennDutch Inn. 

The novel seemed more about poking fun at the Mennonite and Amish faiths and traditions than being a murder mystery.  I actually grew tired of the near constant jibes at these groups and their ways of life.  I would say that character development was lacking and the mystery really didn’t give many clues that I could look back and piece together and say “oh!”  It was worth the dollar that I paid.

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