Framing the Dialogue

Cry No More

cry no moreTry to imagine spending time with your new husband in a strange country as he dedicates his services as a doctor to those in need.  Imagine the joy of giving birth to your first child, a son, and sharing this with the man that you love more than anything.  Finally imagine how your life would change when something precious is taken from you.  How long would you search for answers?  Five years? Ten years? Cry No More by Linda Howard is a story, not so much about heroine Milla Edge, but about her journey to recover her life where she ends up creating a new life when she meets a mysterious stranger.

“She had sublimated her personality, forged herself into someone tougher.  She had gone into places where armed men would have hesitated to go, talked to thugs, and drug addicts, thieves and murderers – and for some reason, though none of them had given her any real information, they had never harmed her.”

This novel by Linda Howard was an interesting story to read.  The author built a strong, lengthy back story though the ending was a bit anti-climactic for me.


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