Framing the Dialogue

Cream Puff Murder

Cream Puff MurderJoanne Fluke’s Hannah Swensen finds another body in her small hometown of Lake Eden, Minnesota.  This time the victim in not well liked in the town and Hannah, her sisters, and about half the town takes the “case” to solve the crime.  As usual, the novel centers around Swensen’s cookie business and there are lots of references to her cookies. 

In Cream Puff Murder a recipe seems to follow.s each chapter.  My count is 23 recipes in this book and at an average of three pages per recipe that is nearly one fourth of the book.  I predict that before too long one of the books will leave out the mystery and only have recipes.  I have tried some of ones Fluke has included and they have been very good, but I have a lot of cookbooks.  Lately the “mystery” in her Swensen novels is more about how she’ll fit a new cookie into the story. 

I was disappointed in Cream Puff Murder as it is just ok.  The end was almost anticlimacti when she discovers the killer.  She did add a slight cliffhanger as the heroine seems to be nearing a decision about which suiter to choose.  Will it be Norman or Mike?  I hope that Fluke does not stretch this out too much longer.

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