Framing the Dialogue

Coup D’Etat

I may have a new super hero to enjoy reading about.  Although he is fictional author Ben Coes makes a good case to put him close to the company of Gabriele Allon, Alex Hawke, Scot Harvath, and Mitch Rapp.  In Coup d’Etat evil again rears its ugly head in the Middle East as tensions broil between India and Pakistan.  Mix in two countries that don’t like each other, historic tensions, nuclear weapons, terrorists, jihadists, and loads of money and you just might get a coup.  Coes’ hero is ex-black ops guy who really wants to be off the grid.  Dewey Andreas gets pulled back in to take on a near-suicidal mission.

This was a highly enjoyable novel full of action and adventure that hopefully does not lie in our future.  I look forward to more from Coes and Andreas. 


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