Framing the Dialogue

Coptic Ruse

The Coptic Christians are perhaps some of the most faithful Christians and they have to be as their places of worship seem to in Middle East countries dominated by Islam. As a minority surrounded by many hostile people their faith must be strong. I have to admit that I know very little about this church other than occasional news stories where one of their churches happened to be burned down during Muslim protests.

A recent headline from The Washington Post caught my eye recently,

12 dead in Egypt as Christians and Muslims clash

The story was from Cairo which has one of the largest Coptic populations in the world. The headline was at best misleading and at worst a blatant attempt to blur the issue where a dominant Muslim population is persecuting a minority, Christian people. The details of the article bear this out. Ask yourself if this excerpt from the second paragraph of the story is accurately portrayed in the headline,

“The unrest began Saturday night in the Imbaba District, northwest of Cairo, as a mob of hard-line Muslims attacked the Virgin Mary church. A separate group of youths attacked an apartment building several blocks away, residents said.”

PS – the church was burned. Perhaps the headline should have been more like this,

Muslims attack Coptic Christians again, 12 dead, church torched

The WaPo headline and article used very slick language to hide the true story as much as their slanted journalistic “ethics” would allow.

  • Putting the attacked group first in the headline gives the impression that they initiated the conflict.
  • WaPo called it a “clash” in the headline rather than the attack that it was.
  • Use of the word “unrest” in the story belies the fact that Muslims are persecuting Christians. The only “unrest” is that the Muslims want to eliminate the Christians. One only has to look back at Kosovo to see the game plan – strong dictator has control over population, West steps in to remove dictator, Muslims take control, Muslims kill Christians unabated.
  • WaPo used the work “mob” as if this was some spontaneous event. I sincerely doubt that.
  • WaPo characterized the Muslims as “hard-lined” as if this helps damped the deaths and persecution. I can hear the argument over liberal coffee tables, “these aren’t moderate, peace-loving Muslims, they are fundamentalists and do not reflect the religion of peace.” It’s the “religion of peace” until they come for you. Atheists will not be exempt from their persecution.
  • The “hard-line” Muslims did not attack the church and apartment building; they attacked the Christians in those buildings. Using the “buildings” as the target of Muslim rage diminished the Christian lives that were lost. By the way the article did not distinguish how many killed were Christian so I suspect all of the dead were Christians.
  • The attack by “youths” perhaps is meant to portray a less brutal action against Christians.

I just do not understand why a major newspaper would try and functionally apologize for the actions of “hard-line” Muslims. We know that the liberal, main-stream press dislikes Christians, but is it to the point of hatred? Perhaps they fear that “hard-line” Muslims will not look kindly on the truth and will attack WaPo’s building? It continues to be sad, but not surprising anymore that the old media reports as if we cannot read between their lines (or lies) or, better yet, read the story from other sources.

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