Framing the Dialogue


controlThis is a very good book by Glenn Beck that will be devoured by his fan base and heartily ignored by most everybody else as he exposes the truth about gun control.  In Control, Beck and his coauthors use the most common arguments of the gun control crowd and not only questions the “data” that they love to quote, but shows that their data is wrong.  He also uses many of their direct quotes as an introduction to the sections.  Glenn Beck’s purpose was to give us the ammunition (I couldn’t resist that one) to respond to the lies often used by the Michael Bloomberg’s of our world.

As with his book, Common Sense, Beck produced the book in a format that is very inexpensive to purchase.  I am not sure that I’ll keep it in my back pocket as Beck suggests, but it will stay on my bookshelf.  Here are some excerpts from Control;

 “You soon also realize something else: all of the multiple-victim public massacres in Western Europe, as well as all of those in the United States where at least three people died, have occurred in places where civilians cannot legally bring guns.”

“One could easily interview people who’ve been shot while wearing a bulletproof vest and conclude that these vests are very dangerous.  Or you could interview people who died after calling 911 and conclude that calling the police often leads to death.”

“The truth is that it is those who blame guns who are the ones looking for a scapegoat.  It is always much easier to look at “how” violence is carried out (that is, with a gun) than to look at “why” violence is carried out.  Yet, in almost all cases besides those involving guns, that’s exactly what we do:  We look at why.”

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