Framing the Dialogue

Community Organizer In Chief

Obama_mckrystal_cartoonAs I was hit by recent headlines detailing yet more deaths of American soldiers in Afghanistan while our president seems to dither about how to proceed with the war.  I recalled how Obama stressed that Afganistan was the right war and the war that we should fight.  He actually made this statement during his campaign;

“As President, I would deploy at least two additional brigades to Afghanistan to re-enforce our counter-terrorism operations and support NATO’s efforts against the Taliban. As we step up our commitment, our European friends must do the same, and without the burdensome restrictions that have hampered NATO’s efforts. We must also put more of an Afghan face on security by improving the training and equipping of the Afghan Army and Police, and including Afghan soldiers in U.S. and NATO operations.”

This message is still on his campaign web site.  Maybe someone should forward the link to him.  This contradiction would be funny if it did not involve the lives of soldiers.  I guess that is the difference between campaigning and leadership.  You can say anything in a campaign, but the buck stops in the Oval Office.   Even though Obama made the above statement in August of 2007 (yes that is over two years ago) and seemed to have a strategy, his selected field commander has been waiting months for a decision.  Obama promises something sometime after Thanksgiving.

obama bowing before saudi king cartoonMuch has also been written about President Obama’s recent trip.  Unless you only read the New York Times and watch Chris Matthews, you have probably heard that nothing was accomplished except a display of a lackluster foreign policy.  Much was made during the presidential campaign that Obama’s community organizer experience made him a perfect choice to lead our country.

That experience has not translated to success for Obama in dealing with world leaders.  When you think about community organizing, these folks basically seem to protest, pressure, complain, and in some cases blackmail (allegedly) American institutions into bending to the organizer’s will.  If you protest in front of a banker’s house, they’ll weaken borrowing rules.  Get your folks to boycott a beer brand and your son will get a lucrative distributorship (again allegedly). 

Obama-BowsI think we are seeing an Obama foreign policy fallacy and that there is a tremendous difference between brow-beating an American company consumed with political correctness and trying the same tactic with a world leader who cares very little for the concept.  That is probably an understatement as these tyrants are unlikely to even understand the concept.

Even ultra-liberal Saturday Night Live took Obama’s agenda and foreign policy to task

As I said, this might be funny except for the far-reaching consequences.

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