Framing the Dialogue

Code Of Conduct

code of conductOne of the happy parts of summer is that I know that I’ll get to experience a new Scot Harvath book.  In Code of Conduct the United States and Israel are independently following leads to unravel a mysterious plot that seems to have roots in the Congo where a terrible act was perpetrated at a medical clinic.  The act was so brutal and suspicious that Scot Harvath was tasked to conduct a reconnaissance mission.

Wealth and arrogance make this enemy a particularly dangerous one.  If you have ever thought that “this could never happen” then you’ll be shocked at the scenario where it could actually happen.  In Brad Thor’s imagination the unthinkable become thinkable, the scary becomes terrifying.  It seems like the fate of the world is in the hands of a few operators.

As usual with a Scot Harvath thriller I lost some sleep, but it was worth it.


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