Framing the Dialogue

Clear As The Moon

clear as the moonThe sixth and final volume in The Great And Terrible series by author Chris Stewart brings to a close this monumental story in Clear as the Moon.  The action is again focused on the occurrences in and around the destruction of Washington D.C. and the impacts of the EMP attack on the rest of the country.  Seemingly outsmarted at every turn those forces for “good” seem to have only one chance at victory as they have to send one of their own into the den of the enemy.  Though weakened they still have the capability to achieve their task and set the world right.

This last book is full of religious (Mormon) references and as a non-LDS person it got a little jumbled for me.  I felt at times like it was a little heavy-handed, but in the author’s defense this was “the exciting conclusion to the epic series on the last days.”  There were some very powerful scenes that might leave you sobbing and action sequences to get your blood going.  This was a good ending to the series and I recommend the entire series for most readers.

“Yes, I saved this girl.  This is my world.  You are my children.  As the Evil One grows stronger, so also will my Light.  I will send more power from the heavens to counter the growing darkness of the world.”

If you are an atheist you probably should skip this one.


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