Framing the Dialogue

Claus (Legend of the Fat Man)

“The timesnapper sped up the atoms inside the sleigh while offsetting the corresponding heat. For the individuals within a timesnap bubble, the world around them remained still. They could travel around the world in a single night. If they wanted. The lights on the palace dimmed for a moment. They would sense the timesnap activation and ignite their own. For a moment, Vixen and the sleigh plunged through suspended snowflakes and frozen sixleggers.”

Clause is a clever science fiction take on what I would call the origin of Santa Claus.  This is not one for the kids as Santa’s brother is none other than Jack and his temperament is a little frosty.  Think King Midas with ice instead of gold.  In the story, an adventurous family of humans decide to try to find the North Pole.  The weather and local creatures make surviving such a journey almost impossible without a little Christmas magic.

This novel is certainly more scy fy than Night Before Christmas.  I did enjoy the book and am a big fan of the reindeer. Ho Ho Ho.

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