Framing the Dialogue

Christmas Cake Murder

In this “episode” of Joanne Fluke’s Hannah Swensen Mysteries, we are taken back in time to perhaps the beginning…ish.  Hannah’s father had recently died, she dropped out of school and her sisters are much younger and unmarried.  When an elderly neighbor’s “last wish” was to relive the Christmas Ball of her youth, the town and the Swensen’s pick up the ball and work to make it happen.  As per the author’s M.O. there are lots of cooking and baking with recipes a plenty.

Hannah, who had been surprised at the news that Delores expected her to bake enough cookies, pies, cakes, and other sweet treats to fill an entire dessert buffet, felt a wave of relief wash over her. “I’d love it if you two would help me,” she said quickly. “The baking will go a lot faster that way.” She turned to Delores. “Please tell me what you remember about the buffet.”

I guess that this would be in the genre of a “cozy” mystery.  Though not my favorite series, I needed a lighter book after the darkness that was my previous read.

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