Framing the Dialogue

Christmas at Little Beach Street Bakery

Winter is upon the Cornish coastal village of Mount Polbearne and though tourist season is over, the Little Beach Street Bakery finds itself still quite busy.  The drama of the prior season over, now Polly owns and runs the bakery.  When the town decides to have a Christmas celebration, Polly is tasked (gently persuaded) to provide baked goods to sell with the proceeds going to the town and not her business.  A secret shared by a close friend and sworn to secrecy threatens her relationship with Buckle.  Sounds very soap-operaish and the novel can be that, though more entertaining.

““Oh GOD, that sounds good,” said Polly, thinking about it. What with cooking for the Christmas fair, crossly, with Selina making jewelry downstairs in companionable fashion, and stocking up the freezer in case the weather turned bad, and having to think about dealing with Kerensa, and Reuben’s family, and Christmas, everything had suddenly seemed to come at her like a freight train.”

My daughter is surprised that I like these novels.  Though they are not my typical reads, I am trying different genres.  I find these fun to read.  Not explosions other than perhaps emotional ones.

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