Framing the Dialogue

True American Heroes

True American Hero – Rep. Allen West

I first heard Congressman Allen West about a year ago when he was a guest on a local talk radio show.  In an election year it might not be too surprising to have someone running for office appearing, but the show originates from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Rep. West was running for office in Florida.  The radio hosts; Quinn and Rose, were enamored by West and I soon shared their enthusiasm.  His matter-of-fact style and forthright message is, unfortunately, refreshing.  It’s only unfortunate that an elected official (he won!) is so open and honest; that he is the exception rather than the rule.  Even the politicians that I like often seem to care too much about appearing civil when confronting the other side. 

True American Hero – Senator Jim DeMint

Forget about the John McCains, the Mitt Romneys, the Newt Gingrichs, the Rudy Guilianis, the Mike Huckabees, and dare I say it…the Karl Roves.  These politicians had their day, but now it is time to fade away.  These folks have done their damage to the Republican Party and seem to enjoy the lame stream media limelight too much for my taste.  I no longer want a party that goes along to get along.  I want a party and leaders within that party who FIGHT for American values of small government. 

Update – True American Hero – Rep. Michelle Bachmann

After her big win last night, Rep. Bachmann for some insane reason agreed to an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews.  Itching for a fight, Matthews couldn’t wait to try to pin her down on some statement she made on an earlier appearance on his show.  When she wouldn’t take his bait he accused her of being “hypnotized” and repeatedly threw out this accusation and at one point describe her as “looking moronically” at the camera.  It is interesting when a member of the media feels comfortable using very negative words to describe a member of Congress.  I understand that is what MSNBC’s “vast” audience tunes in for, but I found it to be very disrespectful.

Update True American Hero – Vaclav Klaus

A while back I presented the Czech Republic’s President Vaclav Klaus as a True American Hero for his demonstrative free market views that paralleled those of America’s Founding Fathers.  If you paid any attention to the United Nations’ events last week you were inundated with coverage of Mamoud Imanutjob (I know it is spelled wrong, but the man doesn’t deserve my time to get it right) and our fretful leaders’ anemic response.  The United States needs to quit throwing money away at this group of thugs parading around in thousand dollar suits lamenting the plight of the poor.

True American Hero – Sheriff Joe Arpaio

 What do you call a man who;

  • Has over four decades serving the public in law enforcement,
  • Is responsible for over 10,000 inmates in his prison system,
  • Doesn’t coddle prisoners and has over 2,ooo housed in an outdoor tent city to keep costs down,
  • Doesn’t coddle prisoners and has forbid pornography, smoking, and coffee and restricts TV watching,
  • Offers the cheapest meals in the jails costing an average of 15 cents a meal and are only served twice daily to cut costs,
  • Requires inmates to work and provide labor to the community,

True American Hero – Steve Wynn

A repeated tome in this blog is the desire for business leaders who are not coddling up to politicians to gain favor and subsequent breaks from government toadies.  It seems like General Motors, Chrysler, BP, AIG, Goldman Sachs executive accept the pound of flesh that they have give to political expediency.  The dutifully appear before Congress to be berated and belittled, slink off to their boardroom to lick their wounds only to emerge like the Phoenix with even more power and favor from government.

I am seeking Wyatt.

True American Hero – Paul Ryan

Even though this post is about, perhaps our next president, I am going to start it with quotes from two prominent politicians;

“Republican leaders haven’t come up with “a single, solitary new idea” to help the American people recover from the economic recession.”

Barack Obama

“You lie”

Joe Wilson

Maybe Barack Obama was being Clintonesque parsing “single,” “solitary,” “new” in his mind to justify the lie.  I’ll admit that many Republicans have no new ideas and many of them are progressive and probably agree with Obama’s direction, just not his speed.  I would argue that the same could be said of Obama’s vision for America.  His plan for “spreading the wealth” is not a new idea.  His plan has been tried numerous times always with the same result…either failure (see Greece) or totalitarianism (Cuba, Venezuela, etc.).

Update True American Hero – Gov. Rick Perry

Update – March 4, 2010:  Texas’ Governor Rick Perry has been one of the most outspoken national voices critical of the Washington power grabs.  So what does Texas Senator K. Baily Hutchison do?  She runs against him.  The conservative-lite Hutchison decided that Texas no longer needed a strong voice in their Governor’s mansion.

Texas Republicans disagreed.  Yeah Texas!  Governor Perry trounced Senator Hutchison on Tuesday by a 52 percent to 30 percent margin.  I used to have great respect for Ms. Hutchison, but I am tired of conservatives going after other conservatives while letting RHINOs alone.  Hopefully another real conservative will challenge Senator Hutchison when she wants another term in the U.S. Senate.