Framing the Dialogue

…Therefore I Am


I know that I have very few readers, but that doesn’t stop me.  My family doesn’t even read my posts…still doesn’t stop me.  I’ve moved this site from mostly political to mostly book reviews as that’s what I enjoy…reading.  It also serves as my database on which books that I have read.  Reading over a book a week makes keeping track a bit difficult.

Every so often, politics get to the point where I feel that I need to weigh in.  With some of the crap going on in our country now I am feeling a bit fed up.  From never-Trumpers against anything Trump (even when his policy aligns with their views) to millionaires like Bernie Sanders telling us why they need to confiscate our hard-earned money.

Update – Fair Trial

Surprise surprise the jury found George Zimmerman NOT GUILTY.  I am not one of the pundits who’ll lament the trajedy that a young man lost his life and another man’s life is ruined.  That’s been said ad nauseum over the past 24 hours.  I think the next 12 months are going to be interesting as the now innocent Zimmerman goes after the media and celebrities who have slandered him.  The folks who have called for his death.  Those who still “tweet” that justice was not served.  Neither celebrities, sports “stars,” nor the media has a right to defame George Zimmerman and when they did he has a right to take them to court.  He certainly shares some of the blame for what happened that night, but he shouldn’t have been portrayed as a public enemy.

Fair Trial?

zimmerman1I find it interesting how racists already know the guilt George Zimmerman.  Racists like Jamie Fox who wore a Travon Martin shirt in public as if to say Zimmerman is guilty.  How do these folks know that Zimmerman isn’t telling the truth or that the truth lies somewhere between what they think and what Zimmerman says.  To my knowledge our systems still is innocent until proven guilty.  I would venture that not many people know all of the facts of the case and certainly not celebrities who just like to try to show their cred by acting hip and edgy.

There Ought To Be A Law

gadsen flagI have finally seen the light of progressivism in action. I have unnecessarily avoided the simplicity of their arguments all of these years. The solution to our many problems is simple…outlaw it. You don’t like when mentally ill people kill with guns, simply outlaw guns. You don’t like evil bankers taking advantage of poor folks, pass a law. You want everyone to have “free” healthcare, pass a law. You want to reward illegal aliens (you know those poor folks who snuck into our country illegally) pass a law and they’ll stop coming. You want to stop folks from drinking large sodas, pass a law. In the words of Silas Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame, Hey! Hey I am on board.

Saving Money – Executive Style

obama ceoMuch is made in the media about exorbitant salaries of corporate CEOs. Even as a capitalist the compensation that some CEOs get seem way over the top, but that is between them and their stockholders. One thing about CEOs, however, is that they generally are responsible for what happens to their company in good times and in bad. The buck stops there.


One cannot both feast and become rich – Ashanti proverb

Before seeking revenge, dig two graves – Chinese proverb

Man must sit with mouth open for very long time before roast duck fly in – Chinese proverb

May you live in interesting times – Chinese proverb

May the worst day of your past be better than the best day of your future – Chinese curse

It is all very well in practice, but it will never work in theory – French proverb

Birds of prey do not sing – German proverb

Above all, LIBERTY – Greek proverb

As Ye Sow…

…So Shall Ye Reap

P1280781Like many others I was disappointed, though not surprised, to learn that our politicians and our President in particular enjoyed making life difficult for many of us due to sequestration.  Even though it was his idea and he signed it into law and he would do nothing to prevent it, he still rails against its cuts.  As I think about the many negative things that have taken place since November 2012 and there have been a lot I have come to a conclusion about to whom we have to thank.  Sure it’s Obama, and Reid, and Pelosi, and Boehner, and McCain, etc. who really all want nothing more than bigger and bigger government.  BUT those really at fault are those nimrods who voted for Obama and even more so to the idiots who stayed home allowing him to get re-elected.  I simply the same number of folks who voted for McCain in 2008 had voted for Romney in 2012 we’d have a new president.  You CANNOT make me believe that you thought that McCain was better than Romney?

Say A Prayer

We should all say a prayer for those families affected by the mass murder in Connecticut.  It is hard to imagine…and I don’t want to…hard to imagine how hard this must be on the families.  We all probably feel a sickness at this tragedy.

It, unfortunately, won’t be long until the political knives come out advocating for more gun control.  Crisis’ like these are a vacuum the political left cannot leave alone.

Protection Racket

I think, therefore I Am…

I am starting to really like this category as it is all about what I think.  I don’t have to spend a lot of time doing research, linking to articles, you know the hard, time consuming stuff.  The thing that is bothering me today is the whole identity theft thing.  I hate to use the word scam, but what do you call an industry that purports to protect you from harm caused by others and allowed by others?