Framing the Dialogue

Separated At Birth

Separated At Birth – Geri/Reid

Geri:  Geri is a popular Pixar character thrust on the international scene after his appearance after the blockbuster Toy Story movie.  The elderly Geri plays a game of chess against himself becoming each of the players by moving to the other side of board.  He seems to change personalities depending on which side he sits.  At a point late in the game the “nice” Geri feigns a heart attack to distract the “bad” Geri and literally turns the board on his opponent.  Realizing that he is beaten the bad Geri hands over the prize – his false teeth.  Sadly there is only one Geri and he has been playing alone at the chess board.

Separated At Birth – Saw Puppet/Cher

Saw Puppet:  The Saw Puppet, unofficially referred to as “billy” by handlers is the plastic face of the Jigsaw Killer in the popular Saw movies.  Billy has been famous for putting victims in sadistic traps and making them face life-and-death decisions.  A typical trap may be to chain the victim with a knife nearby with the only way to escape being to saw their arm off.  Billy is often used to describe the gory details to the trapped victims and causing many nightmares.

Separated At Birth – Wiggum/Matthews


Ralph Wiggums:  Ralph is a minor character on the award winning Simpsons television show.  He is noted as an oddball and for his unusual comments that often make no sense.  Many people tune in just to hear the bizarre utterances of Ralphie.

Chris Matthews:  Chris is a major character on the seldom-viewed MSNBC cable network.  He thinks of himself as a hardball and is known for his unusual comments that often make no sense.  No one tunes in to his show, but Matthews is often heckled for his bizarre utterances.

Separated At Birth – Rock Em/Blumenthal


Rock Em Robot:  Rock Em is a stiff, mechanical player in a two robot contest controlled by rough levers.  Rock Em Sock Em Robots was a very popular game forty years ago delighting countless children.  Rock Em’s plastic physique struck fear into the red robot where the loser had his block knocked off.

Robert Blumenthal:  Robert is a stiff, mechanical politician in a two person contest to become the next senator from Connecticut controlled by Democrats.  Democrats were a very popular party eighteen months ago delighting countless children and uninformed voters.  Blumenthal’s plastic physique shook with fear during his debate with the Republican McMahon where he had his block knocked off.

Separated At Birth – Tweety/Gibbs

 Tweety Bird:  Tweety is, for the most part, a good-natured character happily spending life in his cage or a nest. However, when a cat or other adversary threatens him, he can become downright malicious and devious, even kicking his enemy when he’s down. In many of Tweety’s appearances the bird is shown accompanying his owner, Granny.  His darker side frequently is masked beneath the surface and though “cute” viewers, after a time, start cheering for his adversaries.  Who didn’t want the coyote to catch the roadrunner just once?   Tweety’s catch-phrase;

“I taut I taw a puddy tat”

Update – Walnuts/Emanuel

Departing Democrat Representative Eric Massa gave us a behind the scenes look at how the Obama White House runs its business…the Chicago way.  Massa’s stories about his encounters with Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel provide detail on what ends this administration will do to achieve its goals.  There were plenty of stories about Emanuels’s language, behavior and outbursts, but they were usually tinged with doubt because of the sources.  Massa is a Democrat.

Separated At Birth – Ralphie/Barry

Ralphie Parker:  Growing up in Indiana, all nine-year old Ralphie wants is a “an official Red Ryder carbine-action 200-shot range model air rifle with a compass in the stock, and this thing which tells time.”  His parents, other adults and even Santa discourage him from this gift by telling him that “you’ll shoot your eye out.”  Ralphie got his wish and promptly took a shot and hit himself in the glasses. 

Separated At Birth – Zoidberg/Axelrod

Dr. John A. Zoidberg:  If you have ever watched the animated television series, Futurama, you are familiar with Dr. John A. Zoidberg.  Dr. Zoidberg seems to be a hapless character who is not well liked and is not particularly competent at his job as the medical officer for his company, Planet Express.  His beliefs are backwards as he thinks food is digested in the heart and cannot tell the difference between robots and humans.  He seems to be unaware of common human customs and socially inept to the point that most cannot stand to be in his presence and detest him.

Separated At Birth – Whiplash/Holder

Whiplash - Holder

Snidely Whiplash was the tireless antagonist to Canadian Mountie, Dudley Do-Right, in the 1960s cartoon.  The tireless villain in the cartoon melodrama often made Nell Fenwick the object of his schemes where she often ended up tied to a railroad track.  Often foiled by Do-Right, Snidely never gave up his machinations to do evil.  Whiplash was portrayed as a bright yet evil man who was often beaten by a lesser Dudley.  One senses that the dual for “right” had been going on long before the series.

Separated At Birth – Gollum/Grayson

gollum - grayson with conscience 


Gollum Sméagolis a pitiable figure from the world of Middle Earth.  Controlled by the power of the ring that rules them all, he strugles to decide whether to serve his master, Frodo Baggins, or the powerful ring.  In a sad yet predictable the ending, the ring wins.

Alan Grayson is a pitiable figure from the world of Florida Democrat politics.  Controlled by the power of the Washington Beltway, he strugles to decide whether to serve the public as he did supporting an audit of the Fed or serve the politics of Pelosi.  In a sad yet predictable ending, his precious wins as he actually described his opponents’  heath care reform measures as “Republicans want you to die quickly.”