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Pass More Legislation to Stop This Killer

This was my Bulls-Eye Rash. It showed up four days after I started getting sick and a day after I started treatment.

This was my Bulls-Eye Rash. It showed up four days after I started getting sick and a day after I started treatment. (FYI – It’s on my thigh)

Think about an insidious killer that you can barely see with your naked eye!  You never really know where he’ll attack or even, and this is the sick part, or even if he hit you.  It may be months before you feel his affects and by then it could be too late.  This little prick is the size of the head of a pin and sometimes no amount of care will prevent her from digging into your body.  Sure you’ve checked when you came in from the hike, but how easy is it to find an insect the size of a pencil point?  It is not.

When The Dust Settles

It was interesting that when searching for an image representing anti -Semitism most of the results were anti-Semitic.

It was interesting that when searching for an image representing anti -Semitism most of the results were anti-Semitic.

I find it interesting how the media, Hollywood elitists, and anti-semites everywhere are treating the Israel – Hamas war.  So the good citizens of Gaza overwhelmingly vote Hamas into the leadership of their territory.  They support Hamas further by allowing the terrorist group to live within their community.  And by live within I mean store their rockets and bombs and cheer when Israel is attacked.  Hundreds of rockets are fired into Israel without provocation other than the barbarians intense hate of the Jewish state.  While only a few get through the defenses Israel finally has had enough and retaliates…and the world explodes…against Israel.  WOW!  Our weak-kneed White House occupant has never, to my knowledge, asked Hamas to stop the shelling, but always implores Israel to stop the killing.


imageWith the recent death of South Africa’s Nelson Mandela it is a convenient time to compare two very different “leaders.”  The stories circulating about President Mandela tell a tale of a great man and leader. The one that touched me most was hearing that he invited his white jailers to his inauguration.  Instead of bitterness he chose the path toward healing.

Obama doesn’t contrast well.  Actually he pales.  As the graphic on the left attests “I” is clearly Obama’s favorite word. On the news of President Mandela’s passing the Obama White House released this photograph of Der Leader sitting thoughtfully in Mandela’s jail cell…

One Million Steps

Sometime in the afternoon of April 27, 2012 I achieved a milestone albeit a couple of weeks later than I had hoped. On January 1 I started a program to increase the number of steps that I took each day with an ultimate goal of getting 10,000 steps a day. Starting a walking program in January in Pittsburgh probably was not the easiest thing, but I had to start somewhere and now that it is hotter I am glad that I got that start. I am, unfortunately, a sweater and this may restrict how much walking I do on my lunch break unless my co-workers don’t mind a sweaty heap nearby.

Stat Not

I had a recent experience dealing with the healthcare industry when my mother became ill. She went in with a condition that for those of us younger would take some antibiotics and be done, but when you’re elderly a simple illness can be fatal. It was interesting that when my wife heard her symptoms she made a diagnosis and the EMTs did the same. They ended up being correct as confirmed by the tests or so I thought.

Out Of Service

I am sorry that I haven’t posted, but I have had an inordinant number of visits from The Blue Screen of Death.  I have been working through the mess and hopefully will be back on Sunday (3/11).

Talk Me Off Of the Ledge

No I am not planning to throw myself off of a tall building, but life as a conservative seems rather harsh and I keep looking at how easy it is for liberals with more than a little jealousy.  Life for a liberal is quite simple…

  • It’s a life where they can go from Global Cooling will kill us unless we do something, to Global Warming will kill us unless we take drastic (and costly) measures, to a nice balance of Global Climate Change which gives them cover to every climate situation.  They seem to have no qualms about making these label changes and are as vociferous in their arguments.  Oh and they have the backing of the elitist media. That’s much better than the facts.

Jackson Dismayed

That title is how the excerpt from my local paper described Rev. Jesse “blackmail” Jackson’s feelings over the Recording Academy’s (Grammy Awards) decision to pare down the number of awards handed out this year.

Grammy Controversy: Rev. Jesse Jackson Enters Fray Over Cut Categories

Since Jackson has absolutely nothing to do with the music industry (or any industry or anything for that matter) I can only surmise that it has been too long since he got any press and decided this may work.  Jackson DEMANDED a meeting with CEO Neil Portnow to discuss his demands or threatened boycott or to “occupy” the grammys.  Portnow acquiesced to Jackson’s blackmail as have so many others in the past. 

My 10,000 Steps

Perhaps not as widely used as “drinking 8 glasses of water each day” or “an apple a day…”, the belief that taking ten thousand steps each day will pave the way towards total health is almost as well known.  On many levels that makes sense to me.  I have a relatively new position where I work that entails a fair amount of walking 2-3 times per week with some climbing slopes included.  I had been doing this for a few months and I noticed something weird.  I was able to tighten one more belt hole, my pants got a little bigger, and I didn’t gasp for air when I strode up a steep slope.