Framing the Dialogue

Everyone Should Know

Prez to Illegals…Go Ahead and Vote…As Long As It’s For Hilary.

The not so funny thing about the Obama-left is that they no longer care what they say. I guess since the left-media doesn’t report what they say they don’t fear repercussions. Maybe Obama just knows the fix is in.

My prediction for the election is that regardless of who wins Obama pardons Clinton. If Clinton wins she’ll return the favor because he is up to his eyebrows in this crap.

He’d Take A Knee If He Could Get Away With It

obama-sadPresident Obama has a right to his opinion as all Americans do.  I have to wonder why he so often chooses to trash our country when he is on foreign soil as he did on his recent trip to Asia.  Some thoughtful person put together eighteen of his complaints about the United States.  I offer my response (if anyone cares) in italics after his comment.  One has to remember, Obama is not some third-string quarterback for a lousy NFL team…he is the President of the United States.  Many of the things that he complains about are actually worse since he took office in 2009!

Understanding Where They Are Coming From

Hidden Brain logoMy previous post was a book review of The Black Widow by Daniel Silva.  The author’s Forward noted that he had written his novel which starts off with a series of terrorist attacks in France before the recent ISIS attacks.  Was he prescient or just “unlucky” in his guess.  He considered not publishing the book, but decided that it needed to be done.  The following quote from his book spoke to me regarding the latest terrorist attacks;

Required Viewing – Steven Colbert

I am not a big fan of Mr. Colbert, but I give him props for “taking the gloves off” on Ms. Clinton.  Considering his audience demographics this video just shows how the younger folks really don’t trust her…they don’t trust Mr. Trump either…

The Enemy of My Enemy…

russian soldierI know that many of our American soldiers do great things every day.  This story of a young Russian is, however, too powerful not to pass along.  The young man was in Syria calling in air strikes on ISIS murderers when he was surround by the murderous thugs.  The following is his communication thread with his command;

Officer: They are outside, conduct the airstrike now, please hurry, this is the end, tell my family I love them and I died fighting for my motherland.

Command: Negative, return to green line.


Let this statistic sink in from the Pew Foundation:

“Shifting demographics nationwide are changing the face of American employment. Immigrants make up 13 percent of the population and 17 percent of the workforce.”

I don’t think they braeak down legal versus illegal immigrants or how many of the immigrants are citizens, but here is some information on where they work;


…and there are nearly 95 MILLION Americans not in the work force;


You’ve Just Been Screwed

I am not sure why so many folks have a negative view of Ted Cruz.  The more I pay attention to what this man says the more I am giving him a strong consideration as a presidential candidate.  He seems like a gentleman who has no agenda except to do what his constituents elected him to do.  He is almost as critical of his fellow Republicans as he is of the left/Democrats.  Here is his most recent speech on the floor of the Senate about the 3:00 am budget deal that essentially gave Washington a limitless credit card to grow government and spend money.  Do yourself a favor and spend the time to watch the whole thing.