Framing the Dialogue

Economics In Many Lessons

Be Wary

Famed economist Adam Smith wrote about “the invisible hand” and how government should keep as far a possible from the economy.  Government has a really hard time keeping out of the economy.  God save us from tinkering elected officials.

To that end, Pennsylvania lawmakers are making noise again to “eliminate” school property taxes.  This is a favorite topic amongst politicians as they work hard to take your money…and spend it the way they think is best.  We Pennsylvanians pay steep school property taxes.  Many folks like us chose our home based, not on avoiding school taxes, but on the high quality of our local schools.  We accept those taxes even now that our children have long ago graduated from our local schools.

Spending Gap Widens

midvaleI was enjoying the paper this morning when a headline caught my eye from which the title of this blog post was taken.  The columnist is certainly left-leaning, but every once in a while she gets it.  Unfortunately today was not her day.  The article was a lamenting drone about how unfair the education systems is in Pennsylvania.  Here are some of the gems in this tome;

“It seems a little off that where you live can determine the type of education you receive.  But that’s the way things are in Pennsylvania right now.”

Economics In Many Lessons – Welfare

Another of my favorite economists, Thomas Sowell, schools a liberal on welfare. It is interesting how the arguments never change. You should watch the post on “do gooders” after this.

By the way for you Glenn Beck fans out there the liberal is Francis Fox Piven who Glenn regularly talks about.