Framing the Dialogue

Book Reviews

The Skaar Invasion

The Skaar Invasion by Terry Brooks is the second book in The Fall of Shannara books.  I basically leaves off from where The Black Elfstone ended.  The Skaar are a people whose land is failing and they are in search of a new home.  Lead by their warrior princess, they show cunning and little mercy against their enemies.  Meanwhile the remaining druid must find a way out of the vanished Paranor before he disappears completely.  He must join forces with his friends before the lands are taken over by the Skaar and his former colleague.

Black Fall

FBI agent Jessica Blackwood comes from a famous family of magicians.  She too shares that past, but has driven herself to become the best cop that she can in hopes of leaving that all behind.  Her unique talents with misdirection, however, makes her a valuable asset when facing criminals looking for a big splash.  In Black Fall, a series of seemingly unrelated events lead to anarchy in the United States.  Blackwood and the FBI must find the people who are pushing the buttons before it’s too late.

48 Hours

“He glanced at the sun again, squinting, but it still didn’t look any different. But it was different. Just before going to bed shortly after midnight, they had listened to a BBC broadcast on a battery-powered shortwave radio and heard that another CME had exploded from the sun’s surface, perhaps more powerful than the December 1 incident, and would strike Earth in less than three days. Something was indeed going wrong, and holding Darla close, he felt a vague fear of what was to come.”

Only Human

Rose Franklin and her colleagues are trapped in Themis and transported to the alien planet where she was made.  Some want to stay, some want to go home, but it becomes apparent that there is a need for them to return to Earth.  That’s not so easy and they are challenged to find a way to transport back home.

Waking Gods

Waking Gods is the second in author Sylvain Neuvel’s Themis series.  Themis being the giant “robot” discovered in pieces scattered around the globe.  The United States has control of the robot and is convinced to share the discovery and use it to protect the world.  It has become obvious that this was not made on Earth, yet the men and women who operate it have become comfortable with making it move.  Things are going well until a second robot shows up in London.

The Child Finder

“You know she is most likely dead,” Naomi said, softly. She had found it was better just to say it. Especially when so much time had passed. The mom froze. “I don’t believe she is.” The two women faced each other. They were close to the same age, but Naomi had the bloom of health on her cheeks, while the mom looked drawn with fear. “Someone took her,” the mother said, firmly. “If they did take her and we find her, she won’t come back the same. You have to know that now,” Naomi said.”

Sleeping Giants

A young girl wanders off of the path during a walk and falls into a hand.  Not bad guys, but a large, hand that seems to have been buried a long long time ago.

“My father didn’t want to talk about it afterward. When I asked what I had fallen into, he just found new clever ways of explaining what a hole was. It was about a week later that someone rang the doorbell. I called for my father to go, but I got no answer. I ran down the stairs and opened the door. It was one of the firemen that had gotten me out of the hole. He’d taken some pictures and thought I’d like to see them. He was right. There I was, this tiny little thing at the bottom of the hole, lying on my back in the palm of a giant metal hand.”

Becoming the Dragon

“It wasn’t long, however, before Andy learned the lightning had left a rather unusual effect behind. As soon as he sat down at or lingered near a computer, it would slow down and freeze up. The television flickered with static if he came within five feet of it. Andy was forced to withdraw permanently from his lifelong love of gaming. He could never have expected such a cruel blow from Mother Nature. A scar on his neck was one thing — complete with bragging rights and a sort of war story — but to be sentenced to a life without computers? That was a punishment fit for the wretched.”

What Have You Done

Brothers Liam and Sean Dwyer both work for the Philadelphia Police Department; Liam is works in forensics and Sean is a detective.  They seemed to have recovered from a very tragic childhood where their mother fell apart after their father’s death.  When they end up knowing the victim of a brutal murder things start spiraling out of control.  Their attempts to “manage” the investigation begin to unravel and put them in a very bad light.

ALPHA: A Black Flagged Thriller

“Daniel didn’t want to start over again after a long stretch on the run, so he grudgingly accepted Sanderson’s last minute, seemingly airtight mission, thinking the general would go away afterward. He’d been kidding himself.  Sanderson was up to something big, and it would have swallowed not matter what he had decided.”

A call from someone in his past has Daniel Petrovich on edge.  Taking the job brings him back in to his former life…declining might end up killing him.  Needless to say, things spiral out of control as the U.S. government discovers his identity and pursues him.  He has to escape, leaving his wife behind.  He cannot clear his name if he is dead or behind bars.