Framing the Dialogue


catalyst“And if one organism had evolved into a nearly perfect killer, it’s very existence suggested there could be another, somewhere, that had evolved into the perfect healer.  An organism whose existence was as much an anomaly as the machineel tree.  And she thought she’d found it.  No she was sure she had found it.”

 Catalyst is the third in Michael C. Grunley’s Breakthrough series where scientists are forging a path a path to communicate with other mammals.  Adventures continue in the Caribbean, China, and South America as teams race to discover the secrets of the dolphin “heads,” to recover the Chinese theft, and attempt to recover the unusual primate in the South American jungle before others can.

This was another good adventure novel.  The author provides just enough “juice” to keep you engaged while you know that there is so much more to come…I guess in the next novel.  This was entertaining.

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