Framing the Dialogue

Carte Blanche

“You seem to be a rather rare combination of the best of both…About a new version of the Special Operations Executive.  The answer is yes.  In fact, it already exists.  Would you be interested in joining?’  ‘I would.’ Bond said without hesitation.  ‘Though I should like to ask:  What exactly does it do?’  The Admiral thought for a moment, as if polishing burrs off his reply.  ‘Our mission,’ he said, ‘is simple.  we protect the Realm…by any means necessary.”

Even after the death of Ian Fleming the 007 James Bond series survives.  I’ve not read many of these later versions, but in Carte Blanche by Jeffery Deaver we are treated to a glimpse back at how 007 was recruited into the Service and a tease about his parents.  In this novel, Bond, James Bond (sorry couldn’t resist) is called to stop what intelligence has thought to be a major attack on the homeland.  Bond, not used to the restraints required when operating on the homeland, has his hands further tied by being paired with stodgy agent from MI6.

This was a very good thriller.  Typical of the Bond brand, there is a lot of action, but not too much gratuitous violence.  Don’t get me wrong, people die, but it’s not in gory detail.

“After all, he was a man whose purpose found him constantly on the move, from place to place, and his survival and peace of mind required that this transit be fast, relentlessly fast, so that he might overtake prey and outpace pursuer.  And, if he correctly recalled the poem Philly Maidenstone has so elegantly quoted, traveling fast meant traveling forever alone.”

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