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Carrot Cake Murder

Carrot Cake MurderI am catching up on the Hannah Swensen murder mysteries and in the latest, Hannah Swensen discovers the dead body of a long-lost relative of her business partner.  Gus took off when he was very young only to return decades later.  Gus had a lot of enemies and when he found himself stabbed in the heart, a lot of past grievances are revealed including a unique tattoo that many of the women of the town knew about.

Unlike the previous book, The Candy Cane Murder, this novel returns the series to a higher level.  Carrot Cake Murder takes place during the family reunion of her Hannah’s business partner, Lisa.  Hannah, her family and friends race the police to find the killer.  If you have read any of Joanne Fluke’sbooks, you probably can guess the winner of the race. 

As usual, the book contains a lot of recipes that are tied to the story line.  I am thinking about rating Fluke’s books based on how many recipes I copy.  Carrot Cake Murder rates a four recipe seal and includes the recipe for carrot cake. 

If you want a relaxing, suspenseful read, buy the book, but don’t read on an empty stomach.

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