Framing the Dialogue

Caption This – Bunn E. Hopp

Some pictures SCREAM for us to use our creativity.  In the Caption This series I’ll start it off and hopefully you’ll pitch in.

“That’s Ryan down toward the fence on the left, blue suit and an orange tie.  You know what you have to do!”

“Hey remind me how you fit into the resurection of Jesus”

“I know you have a pack under there.  I will gladly pay you on Tuesday for a cigarette today.”

“Wait.  Wait.  Wait.  Ahh.  You got your own little stimulus from Obama!”

“Yeah I know that Easter was yesterday.  I saved $50 on the costume rental.  And Ryan says that I am not taking cutting spending seriously.”

“Psst.  Joe!  Is that really you in there?”

“I cannot believe that these kid’s parents paid, ahem, contributed, $1500 a piece to come here.  Clinton was right about renting out the joint.”

“Come on.  Michelle won’t let me see hers anymore.”

“Just come by the back gate every second Tuesday…there’ll be others…the password is ‘Michelle sent me’…I’ll be in the coyote costume with the red bandana around my neck…Biden is usually the poodle…you may want to stay clear of him”

“Wait wait wait.  You’re telling me that you got invited to their wedding too.”

“I have heard that Easter Island was cool.  Maybe I’ll go there on my next vacation.  You’re sure that it’s not religious?  I am a Christian!”

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