Framing the Dialogue

Caption This – A Golf Between Us


“Who’s that lady, who’s that lady…sexy lady”

“If you’re happy and you know it stomp your feet.”

“Dude you had better have that growth on your left calf checked out!”

“Sponsored by Nike and George Soros”

“Is this supposed to be the white half?”

“Look Michelle no panty lines.”

“Wait, is that the Constitution he’s about to stomp on?”

“I’m playing golf and your paying for it…and my big dog Bo too!”

“So if Putin is the kid in the back of the room, who am I?”

 “I totally schooled Putin.  He’s not so tough.  Oooh I think they have waffle cones over there.”

“The national press just loves eats this stuff up…I know because I read their emails!”

“To say he’s the gayest president is not fair to gays.”

“People need to understand my stress.  This is the only way to get away from Michelle.  I mean have you seen her?”

“One more hole until the next ball wash.”

“Tiger taught me this move.  I’ll have more flexibility with his other moves once I’m out of office.”




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