Framing the Dialogue

Camel’s Nose – Libya Style

I am starting to feel more and more like a conspiracy theorist these days. The timeline and events in the Middle East and Libya in particular have me wondering. We have so-called popular uprisings in Egypt, Syria, Yemen, and Libya. None of them have been particularly peaceful yet the World Order chose Libya in which to intervene. Why Libya? They do have oil, but from a geopolitical standpoint they are less disruptive than Syria (though the fact that they hate Israel like most U.N. members may be a factor). Egypt under Mubarak had been a decent ally to the West and fairly peaceful so you would think that would be a better place to try and influence even though Mubarak didn’t use his military to attack the protestors.

My theory and it’s just a theory is that Libya is a “test case” for the new world order. It would be hard to find a more dislikable leader than Moammar Gadhafi and Libya is not exactly a world power in which many lives (other than Libyan lives) would have to be sacrificed. In Libya and Gadhafi we have a perfect scenario in which the “World” can judge who should be the winner or loser in this case. The U.N. is backing the “rebels” or as I would call them the jihadists over a sovereign leader of a country.

Before you think me a complete lunatic consider these facts:

  • Moammar Gadhafi is a cruel and authoritative dictator.
  • Moammar Gadhafi has supported terrorism throughout the world with his pinnacle being the bombing of the plane over Scotland.
  • President Reagan “converted” Gadhafi by shooting a cruise missile into one of his houses/tents.
  • Gadhafi renounced his evil ways and supposedly ended his dalliance with WMD.
  • The wounds of the Lockerbie bombing were ripped open when the only person convicted was allowed out of jail to return to Libya for medical reasons. The terrorist returned home to a heroes welcome and was accompanied by Gadhafi’s son. The “near death” murderer is surprisingly well and has surpassed estimates of his impending death.
  • There were some perhaps shady dealings between the U.S. and British government to pressure the Scots to release the bomber.
  • The news reports of the hero’s welcome brought the easily dislikable Gadhafi back to the front page.
  • The “Arab Spring” arrived in Libya with what has been described as a grass roots effort to bring “change,” “hope” and “yes we can” to the Arab nation.
  • The grass roots leaders seem to look and act ever so much as the terror/jihadists that we have been fighting for decades. Actually they have been fighting us for decades we have only been after them for nine years or so.
  • The United States has been authorized (i.e. ordered) to carry out the humane mission of protecting the jihadists from the dictator. We now have the precedence of taking orders from the U.N. and WITHOUT authorization from the U.S. Congress!
  • The “World” has expressed frequently that they do not want to kill Gadhafi even though several of their missiles have come very close even killing some of his children and grandchildren. Funny how little coverage killing his grandchildren got in the main-stream media where they usually love to parade dead children to show how United State’s kills indiscriminately.
  • The act of “protecting” via a no-fly zone has often expanded to attacking loyal Libyan forces that aren’t even engaged with rebels. Can there be any doubt that we are coordinating with the jihadists?
  • Gadhafi has proven to be a wily leader and has adapted his military to mimic the jihadists’ tactics and vehicles.
  • The “air war” seems to allegedly also involve boots on the ground…at least CIA boots so far. The Obama Administration seems to have gone mum on the promise that there will be no American ground troops.
  • The International Criminal Court is seeking arrest warrants for Moammar Gadhafi, Gadhafi’s sons, and Libya’s intelligence chief.

This last bullet is where my spider-sense kicked in. The United States military would be “obligated to arrest him” should they come into contact with Gadhafi. We essentially would be the police force for the International Criminal Court (“ICC”) even though every president before Obama has rejected their intrusion into our sovereign nation’s internal affairs. It would then be hypocritical to ignore similar warrants for other “suspects” of the ICC. The camel’s nose would already be under the tent.

Let’s say the ICC wanted to question Dick Cheney or George W. Bush for war crime charges. The mechanism is in place and we would be obliged under international law. If we resisted they would issue sanctions and require us to pay even more money to support the thugs in thousand dollar suits more affectionately known as the United Nations. My guess is that Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer would be on the short list for arrest for her stance on illegal immigration and her desire to secure our border. How about the Pope for all of the sex scandals in the church?

It is hard for me not to imagine that the Libyan unrest is not the camel’s nose under the tent to strengthen the ICC and a one world government exploiting the riches and wealth of the United States. Who cares if Gadhafi is killed or goes to court? Who cares if we bomb a sovereign nation who is not a threat to us? What do we do when the next nation is one of our friends…say perhaps Israel who retaliates against aggressions from Palestinian hoards in defense of their country?

Please convince me that there isn’t a sinister end game here. This duck looks like a camel and smells like a camel.

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