Framing the Dialogue

Caliban’s War

“How can they have had a whole battle here,’ she said, ‘and no one knows why?’  ‘They know,’ Holden said. ‘Someone knows.”

In Caliban’s War, the second in the Expanse Series, we again meet James Holden as he and his crew happen upon the aftermath of a battle on Ganymede, where a great deal of the food for the universe was grown.  Mars and Earth are still in a very uneasy truce when someone or something attacks the UN forces and then the Martians.  Both believe the other to be behind the attack.

“He was hammering on the door controls with one metal fist, trying to smash his way in, when the creature caught him and peeled the helmet off his suit with one casual swipe.  Gourab stood for a moment, face in vacuum, eyes blinking and mouth open in a soundless scream; then the creature tore off his head as easily as it had his helmet.”

An unlikely group join forces to try to first understand the threat and ultimately to stop an all out war.  Things go from bad to worse when Holden and his crew encounter remnants of an organism that they thought had been destroyed.

I don’t think these novels are just for science fiction lovers, but I do love both SyFy and this novel.

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