Framing the Dialogue

By the Rivers of Babylon

I’ll start this review off with a note about the author; Nelson DeMille.  I yet to read one of his novels that was not top rate.  I haven’t read all of his books (I’m getting close), but this man can write.  Thanks a lot Mr. DeMille!

“You couldn’t make a political or diplomatic move in the Middle East without tripping over five thousand years of history and bad blood. That was something the Americans, for instance, never understood. Events that took place three millennia ago were brought up at international conferences as though they had taken place the week before last. Given all that, was there hope for any of them? “But not so strange.”

In By the Rivers of Babylon, the Mid East peace talks are going very well and both sides seem to finally be on the same wavelength…peace.  As negotiations move forward, the world braces for what may actually come to pass.  Unfortunately, there are those who do not want this to happen.  There is money and power in hate and war.  These will do anything to halt the process and destroy the peace talks.  A bold attempt is made and the action takes place in the ancient city of Babylon where, against all odds, a group decides to take a stand rather than be pawns of the enemy.

“Somehow, he had always known it would happen. All it took was one or two madmen. With modern technology, anything was possible. A single insignificant nobody could alter the destiny of nations. An atomic bomb planted in a city. A biological agent in a water supply. A bomb on a Concorde. How could you guard against something as preposterous as that?”

If you like adventure, sleepless nights, and fast-paced action…read this book.

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