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Bush Lied…Republicans Were Fried

imageIn what may be the ironies of all ironies none other than the New York Times ran a series of stories critical of the Bush (“W”) administration because they lied about WMDs in Iraq. That doesn’t sound all that different than most of their WMD coverage during his presidency. You know the “Bush lied, people died” narrative. No since Bush is out of office and has been out for nearly six years (someone please tell Obama) the vulnerable NYT is excoriating the Bush Administration because they didn’t tell the American public about all of the WMDs and yellow cake, etc. that our military found in Iraq.  YES THERE WERE WMD IN IRAQ!

it should be no surprise that a left-winged media outlet is a hack, but something that always bothered me about the Bush White House is how they NEVER responded to attacks by their foes at home. I always felt let down that they “turtled” rather than stating their case. I actually hated it.  Based on the conservative response to the NYT article I was not alone. Here are some notable quotes from a Breitbart article on the NYT exposé;

“it is clear that the false narratives that hardened over those years — on WMDs, yellow cake uranium, Katrina, the economic meltdown, and even the 2000 election — paved the way for the Democrat rout in 2006 and for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. After all, even John McCain in ’08 and Mitt Romney to some extent in ’12 ran against Bush rather than against Obama. Some 53% of the country still blamed Bush for the economy in November of 2012 — almost exactly the percentage that voted Obama — and the “Bush lied people died” meme is still prevalent on liberal websites.”

“Rush Limbaugh did not miss the unmissable, and spent most of last Friday’s show incredulously scorching Rove, insisting he’s “more convinced than ever that the paralysis of the Republican Party stems from those five years of never-ending defamation that the White House chose to ignore and not reply to. I don’t understand how in the world you stand mute when lies are being told about you for five years in a row. Lies that are destroying the military. Lies that are destroying a necessary military operation in the War on Terror. Lies that are destroying the institution and believability and the credibility of the office of the presidency. How you stand by and let that happen all on the belief that people will forget about it once the next news cycle hits?”

“Rove and Bush always had some notion of falling on the sword in a noble manner, not realizing that every time they did, those swords pierced all Republicans and everyone who supported them, and even drug conservatism in general through the mud. It is mystifying. And Rove was at the center of this strategy.  “They had a philosophy in the White House: Never respond to criticism,” noted Limbaugh. “Never defend yourself against any criticism no matter what happens because that’ll just prolong the story. Rove has even admitted now that one of the big mistakes he made strategically… letting some of these allegations day to day, whatever they were, not just about the Iraq war, but let ’em all go by and not comment on it.”

In my mind and heart I was expected to defend, support, fund, and vote for people who would not defend the conservative brand.  I no longer believe that the Republican brand is a conservative brand.  There are far too few conservatives in the Republican political ruling class for me to proudly admit my membership.  I’m not sure how long until I become Independent.

 “As Rush indicated, this happened every time the liberals attacked the Bush White House, which was constantly and on almost every issue. The Bush Rove plan was to let the news cycle take care of any problematic issue. Narratives don’t die natural deaths however. You have to kill them, and Rove never wants to kill a narrative or correct the record.  The dog Rove wants to allow to sleep never does actually sleep, not with a liberal media establishment and low information forums. But the dog does lie, and has been biting the country in the hind quarters since 2006. Perhaps this astonishing lesson in moral and political failure will finally wake up donors and decision makers for the Republican Party to the fact that Rove and his little issue by issue tactics are not the way to win elections in a country yearning for big ideas and solutions. It is time for conservatives to do for the truth what the liberal media and the Democrats do for the lie, which is to repeat it over and over again.”


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