Framing the Dialogue

Bunny Hop

Most of the media has focused on the tawdry affair between John Edwards and Reille Hunter and their “love child.”  Former Edwards’ confidant, Andrew Young, revealed the details of the relationship in his new tell-all book.  Maybe the most shocking part of the story is that people were actually shocked that Edwards was having an affair.  I found it disturbing that Mrs. Edwards seems to have known about the affair during the presidential campaign.

If that is true, you have to wonder what kind of person accepts that betrayal.  Did she enable him just to get into the Oval Office?  I suspected that John Edwards was a bottom dweller since he is a trial lawyer, but I was surprised to hear some of the stories about Elizabeth. 

The part of this tawdry story that has not gotten enough attention involves still another woman named Bunny.  I don’t think that John Edwards slept with her, but considering how much money she gave him (directly and indirectly) he probably would have.  This Bunny is 99 year old Rachel Lowe Lambert Lloyd Mellon, the widow of Paul Mellon (yes the really rich folks).   Our local paper carried a story about Bunny that was in the Opinion section of the paper, but the article read more like something you would see in a society section of hte paper.

The author provided lots of detail about the spunky old broad who probably never worked a day in her life.  I loved the part about how she handled the FBI agents who came to interview her about her contributions to Edwards.  So delightful and quaint.  I could imagine her like Jessica Tandy’s character in Driving Miss Daisy.  There was also mention of how “she lavished so much money and adulation…hoping to make him [Edwards] the next president.”  

There was the $3.48 million that she donated to Edwards’ organization, Alliance for a New America and the secret $700,000 for his “personal” use.  She even paid the gift taxes for him.  Does any of this sound illegal to you?  The good news is that all the money did not do him any good.  We will see if justice will be served about the contributions.  Maybe John and Bunny can share a cell in some federal prison. 

They could sip tea together.

Just a gigolo
everywhere I go
people know the part
I’m playing

Paid for every dance
selling each romance
every night some heart

There will come a day
youth will pass away
then what will they say
about me

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