Framing the Dialogue

Bullying the Bullied

arrestWhen I heard this news item from a local school district I almost hurt my neck shaking it.  The article describes a young man who attends a local high school.  He has some emotional and learning issues and to make life even more miserable there were students taunting/bullying him.  He did the right thing and went to his folks who did the right thing and went to the school officials who did nothing (allegedly).  The taunting continued so the young man took his iPad to school and recorded what happened to him during a math class.

He let his mother listen to the seven minute recording and was reported to include the following;

“One boy telling another boy to pull her son’s pants down. The teacher tells them that if what they’re talking about doesn’t have anything to do with math, they need to stop talking.  Later in the recording, Love testified, there is a loud slam, and the teacher tells them to sit down.  Two boys ask, “What? I was just trying to scare him.”

The mother took the recording to school officials and this is the INSANE part, they filed a complaint against the bullied student for “illegal wire tapping.”  But wait the insanity continues as the local police ACTUALLY FREAKING PROSECUTED THE BULLIED KID!  They were nice and didn’t charge him with a felony and reduced the charges to disorderly conduct.  Ain’t they just sweet.  The school district refused to comment saying the “district is precluded from discussing student matters.”  Hopefully the family has a really really good lawyer and sues the crap out of the school.  BTW the school forced the student to erase the recording.  We cannot have any evidence of the bullying and the school’s malfeasance (alleged).  The family should “out” the bullies so the community can see who the slimeballs (alleged) who bully special needs children.

You can read the original article here.  There is growing interest in the story locally and hopefully the national news will pick up the story.  The only way to clean this infection in schools is with light.  Hint for Bill O’Reilly!

Getting back to the radio broadcast.  The Bloomdaddy show is a local show and the host bloviated, and I am paraphrasing here, that folks just need to get over the bullying.  We all dealt with bullying in some way or another and dealt with it.  That part is true for those of us who are older.  Things seem different now.  I had some older kids who used to pick on my friends and me.  It was infrequent and I learned how to avoid them as much as possible.  Kids these days never seem to be able to get away from the bullying.  It’s at school and it persists at home with cell phones, twitter, and other social media.  Read the story of the Florida teenaged girl who committed suicide to get away from the constant taunting.


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