Framing the Dialogue

Brush Back Pitch

The pitcher shakes off the sign from his catcher as the batter steps into the box.  He shakes off another sign and the catcher trots out to the mound to talk to his young pitcher.  The second baseman joins the discussion until the umpire calls for the game to resume.  Here is the stretch and the pitcher throws a fastball high and inside.  The batter has to leap backward to avoid being hit by the pitch.  The batter glares at the pitcher and says something to the catcher as he re-enters the box.

The brush back pitch is a way for a pitcher to establish his territory.  The message to the batter is that unless you back off of the plate I am going to hit you and it will hurt.  I believe that President Obama represents the young pitcher and many of his recent pitches have been against the old guard of his party.

A few weeks ago, I speculated in a posting that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was being besieged by evidence that she knew years ago about enhanced interrogation techniques (“EIT”) long before she officially said that she was against it.  I certainly enjoyed her plight as the Feds released information proving that she knew about the techniques.  The Feds are Obama and he had to know and approve of the release of that information.  The pressure on Pelosi has not let up as she continues to take heat over her knowledge of EITs. 

As I read the paper today an article caught my eye about Senator John Kerry’s campaign having a tax lien place against it by IRS.  The IRS claims that Kerry owes $819,848 for his failed 2004 presidential campaign.  That is no paltry sum, though Kerry claims that he has done nothing wrong and that the IRS has made a clerical error. 

That will all be resolved in the courts, but what interests me is that this has to be another Obama brush back pitch.   I worked off and on for government agencies for many years.  Anytime it is proposed to levy a fine against an official or local government we would have to seek permission to proceed.  This process is much more than notification of an action and approval comes from the top of the organization.   We could not take any action without explicit approval from above even for relatively minor actions.

A fine or penaly of over eight hundred thousand dollars is no minor action.  President Obama has to have been told about the action and approved it.  I am sure that he did not officially “approve” the action, but in reality he approved it.  This is an action against one of the leaders of his party; the former presidential candidate of his party.

Is this another example of the Obama Administration sending a message to friends and foes that he is in charge?  I can take down the Speaker of the House and a sitting senator, both Democrats.  Imagine what I will do to you.  By all accounts, this is Chicago politics. 

Much like the batter and pitcher staring at each other we have to see who will blink.  Pelosi had obviously already blinked and I have no doubt that Kerry will do the same. 

Mrs. Kerry would probably be a more formidable foe.

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