Framing the Dialogue


“If she was telling the truth, Allison’s mind had turned toward dark thinking long before the newspaper story. She couldn’t blame the weather completely, but certainly the constant rain, the unrelenting overcast, had churned up inside of her mind its own kind of despair. How much easier would it be if she just gave in? Why go back to Elba and turn into some toothless, haggard old woman with eighteen kids to feed when she could just walk into the lake and for once take control of her destiny?”

In this the fourth in Karin Slaughter’s Will Trent series, Trent, a brilliant detective with a deep secret, is again caught up with small town politics and secrets.  He not only has to solve a crime, but wade through the town’s secrets, many of them dangerous to uncover.  When that crime points to the police department, things get dangerous.

As usual, lots of intrigue and action in this thriller.


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