Framing the Dialogue


Before I get into the meat of Glenn Beck’s latest book (although I think he has since released another) I would like to thank him for the quality of the books that he releases.  Forgetting the message for a moment, Beck’s books are printed in a quality unsurpassed by others. 

Mr. Beck has admitted to a severe case of Attention Deficit Disorder (“ADD”) and even has included ADD moments within his books.  I don’t have ADD and have found his inclusion of ADD Moments to be a distraction and take away from the flow of the book for me.  His information is great and I still buy his books to learn but it can be a struggle for me.  The facts he is presenting are so important, that I think that can get lost in the entertainment part and/or the sidebars.  I am just one of the many  millions that buy his books so he must be doing something right.

Now about his “plan to restore our trust, truth and treasure.”  In Broke Beck breaks down his plan in three parts;

  • THE PAST (Past is Prologue):   If you have listened or have watched his show you’ll have heard a great deal of what is here on these pages, perhaps without such detail.  His researchers must be top notch. 

Studying the suicidal moves of three once-epic empires – ancient Rome, ancient Greece, and sixteenth-century Spain – reveals that our nation is responding in an all-too-familiar way that will have an all-too-familiar ending. (present-day Greece can teach us a lot too.).  The only way out is if, citizen by citizen, the public learns the lessons of history and convinces others that we are not immune to the laws of economics.  We can still choose individual achievement, limited government, and low taxes – but we have to turn the corner now.”  You might be surprised to learn that Glenn Beck is not a big fan of Woodrow Wilson.

  • THE PRESENT (Crime of the Century):  Part of this section is dedicated to the methods by which our government tricks us and grows government; by NOT following its own rules and passing budgets on time (only six times since 1976), use of “emergencies” to push through their wish list, post dating checks thereby pushing payment to the next budget year, phasing in programs to get them passed without exposing the long-term costs, or using popular programs as blackmail to get their pet projects funded (threats to close national parks as a cost-cutting measure).
  • THE PLAN:  It perhaps says a lot that Glenn Beck’s ideas to set the ship right are not ground-breaking, yet they are not being done by our elected officials.  My fear is that unless they start adhering to the wishes of the public things will start getting very nasty as more and more citizens are angered of the direction of our country.  Some of Beck’s ideas include; Pass a balanced budget amendment (they must stop borrowing/printing money), Term Limits, Line-Item Veto, restrict lobbying, stop empowering influential unions, and part-time politicians (one of my favorites). 

None of this is particularly new, but Beck and company put it in one volume and provides a lot of back up and detail.  You may need to read this in small doses because there is so much information and you’ll need to reduce the pressure so your head doesn’t explode.

I would be willing to wager that fewer than fifty of elected officials in Washington have read this book.  Too bad for them and us.

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