Framing the Dialogue

Bricking It

bricking itIn Bricking It we meet a brother and sister, Hayley and Danny, who have inherited a grand old country home from their grandmother.  The siblings are not quite on their right life paths and while it would seem a great inheritance, the home is in need of a little love and a lot of money.  They are faced with the options of a quick sale for a small profit or borrowing a tidy sum and returning the grand structure to its former glory.  Unfortunately, they never even knew their grandmother owned this property or what that old glory was.  Their humorous journey as they learned about themselves, their grandmother and Pat the cow provides much entertainment.

This was a much needed break for me from the rather poor recent books that I had read.  I like author Nick Spalding’s humor and wit and found the book to be enjoyable.

“Yes, indeed.  That’s what our loving parents are doing with their part of Grandma’s inheritance.  He waves a hand at the crumbling house. ‘While we get to stare at this crap magnet and decide what the hell to do with it.’  ‘It could be very nice with some work,’ I counter ‘Would said work involve several sticks of dynamite?”



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