Framing the Dialogue


breakthroughA group of researchers in Florida are working with Sally and Dirk for five years to try to get them to talk or at least understand their language.  Sally and Dirk are dolphins.  The researchers have been recording and compiling the clicks and utterances of the mammals for years creating a catalogue that will hopefully be used to translate.  Their Breakthrough comes just in time perhaps to save the Earth as other-worldly forces seem to be at work that will cause a natural disaster.  The researchers join forces with two former Navy SEALs in their race against time and hawkish government officials itching to pull the trigger unleashing forces without knowing the full consequences.

“And what does IMIS mean?  IMIS is short for InterMammal Interpretive System.  And this IMIS translates the language…IMIS works by recording all of the recognizable sounds from our dolphins; all of their clicks, whistles, even postures.  Once all of those have been captured in multiple scenarios, we then start the translation process.”

Author Michael C. Grumley has created a very entertaining novel weaving together a number of disparate elements…Navy SEALs, dolphin research, Arctic exploration, aggressive governments, and other-worldly travel.  I may have missed one there.

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