Framing the Dialogue


Brainrush by author Richard Bard is a story about Jake Bronson who is in the end stages of a very serious disease.  He is in the middle of an MRI when the unthinkable happens…there is an earthquake.  Jake seems to be okay, but something has changed.  Jake is not the same; Jake will never be the same.

Jake’s new abilities are noticed by what can only be described as a mad scientist (okay there would be other ways to describe him, but I’ll stick with the mad scientist moniker).  Once in his sights, neither Jake nor anyone around him is safe.  Will Jake’s new talents save himself, his friends, and even the world?

“Believe it, Carlo, for it will soon be upon us. One final hurdle and our research will be complete. Then, within a few months we will introduce more than one hundred such soldiers into America, any one of whom will be capable of unleashing his own personal brand of terror without guidance from us or help from the others.”

I think that sounds like a mad scientist!  You’ll have to read to find out.  Spoiler alert, this is the first in a series of novel featuring Jake Bronson.

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