Framing the Dialogue

Bracing For Round Three

Round one gave us around thirty inches and was followed shortly by another twelve from round two.  One more day with snow and February will break the record for snowiest February of all times.  The record is predicted to be broken tomorrow after a week-long respite with above freezing temperatures and dry roads for commuting. 

A unique thing that I noticed during the recent deep freeze and mountains of snow was how many houses started gardens on their roofs.  Icicle’s were springing up all over town and hanging from gutters.  It became almost a daily chore for me to knock the new sprouts from the edge of my roof only to have them grow back the next day. 

The following are some of the best ones that I saw on my commute…

There was some advantage to leaving their Christmas lights up.

This next shot is not about icicles, but relates to the recent snow.  This snow removal technique was both creative and perhaps the most unsafe thing that I have seen.  I actually had to circle back to get a picture of this…

They actually had one snowblower going down each side of the roof.

The bad news is that the icicles are gone so I don’t have any cool sights on my commute and the good news is that the icicles are gone and my gutters survived.

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