Framing the Dialogue

Boiling Calderon

Everyone in the United States of America should breathe a collective sigh of relief.  Our third world neighbor to the south has given permission, in principle, to Obama’s plan to send 1,200 National Guard troops to help with border security.  Mexico’s President Calderon did impose one condition to Obama.  The troops may not arrest Mexicans trying to illegally enter the United States.

What gives the leader of failing country like Mexico the cajones to tell Barry what he can do about border security.  Maybe he was emboldened by the invertebrates that work in Washington.  I think if you added up all of the spinal material in Congress and the White House you’d barely have enough to make one complete backbone. 

Felipe Calderon was given the opportunity to address the U.S. Congress recently and took the opportunity to trash America.  It seems that Calderon doesn’t like Arizona’s new immigration law as he feels it;

“introduces a terrible idea that uses racial profiling as a basis for law enforcement.”

He also doesn’t like our gun laws and want us to reinstate the “assault weapons” ban.  The drug cartels and corrupt Mexican troops must be having a hard time getting across the border with all of the American gun owners.  One Democrat lawmaker described his speech as “diplomatically daring.”  Any wild guess which party this guy belongs to?  Democrats actually stood and applauded some of Calderon’s remarks against Arizona’s immigration law.  I’ll repeat that…Democrat stood and applauded a leader of a third world country whose citizen are openly violating our laws and our sovereignty when he was critical of a legally adopted law in one of our states.

Any more that is to be expected from Democrats, but what about the Republicans?  I guess they showed their disgust by shaking their heads and pouting.  Great leadership.  Why didn’t they get up and interupt him?  Why didn’t they all just get up and leave?  Why didn’t they do something other than seek out the nearest camera or reporter and whine.  How about at least chucking a shoe at the man or yelling our “you lie?”

I was going to propose a ban on Mexican products, but couldn’t think of anything that they actually make.  What is the industry in such a poor country other than drugs and as a place for stupid college kids to go and get drunk and videotaped “going wild?”  Mexico has literally billions of gallons of oil, yet is still a third world country.  Who really give a hoot what Felipe thinks?

Apparently Veep Biden and Pelosi were spotted wearing colorful bracelets that support efforts to overturn Arizona’s new law.  I could not see close up, but suspect that they have the initials “WWFD” (What Would Felipe Do).

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