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Boehner Fact-Twisting

boehnerFresh off of celebrating the “retirement” of Weeper-of-the-House John Boehner I am finding it interesting the spin put on his sudden decision to “spend more time with his family.”  Okay he didn’t say that.  My guess is that he saw the handwriting (lack of support) on the wall and knew that even if he survived the attempt to dump him as the Republican House leader, he would be severely crippled.  Hell he may not have been able to help Obama reach his goals.

I often enjoy a Sunday breakfast and read the local paper.  Our “conservative” paper generally advertises their balanced news and conservative views.  This front page, above-the-fold headline caught my eye;

Boehner exit to test cohesion of Republican Party

As I started reading I found the article to be rather unbalanced at which point I noted that the story was an AP story.  We all know that the AP has no love for the conservative viewpoint and those of us who consider themselves conservative should take note when a left media outlet sings the praises of a RINO such as Boehner.  Here are a few gems from the article;

“The gulf between Tea Party conservatives and establishment Republicans has grown so wide that it just swallowed up the speaker of the House and may threaten the Republican Party and Congress itself.  The question is whether anyone can tame the House’s rabble-rousing faction…” [So conservatives, you know those of us who think that THE CONSTITUTION should be followed are now rabble-rousers – not thoughtful conservatives]

“The stakes are sky-high, with critical deadlines to keep the government running and raise the nation’s borrowing limit on the horizon…which makes deal-making that much tougher in Congress.” [That’s the idea…far too many deals with the left and not enough principles.  The House has passed budget after budget and yet the left-media always pins a “government shutdown on the Republicans.  I long for a conservative LEADER who speaks the truth to liberals.]

“the 13-term Ohio lawmaker rejected conservative demands to dare President Obama to veto a government spending bill that cuts money for Planned Parenthood.  Boehner’s announcement only puts off that fight and others while promising a chaotic leadership struggle that may result in leaders confronting the same fundamental problem: a core group of 30 or so conservative lawmakers repulsed by compromise and commanding enough votes to stymie leadership plans, despite the GOP’s large majority.”  [Don’t you love the “repulsed by compromise” load of crap.  Perhaps these 3o or so conservative lawmakers decided to do what their constituents sent them their to do…maybe stop spending our freakin money.  Please give some examples of when Demoncrats compromised???  Obamacare?  Amnesty? Giving Iran the nuke?  Many believe that the GOP should use their majorities to govern using the principles of the voters who got them elected…a very novel idea]

There is more for you to digest, if you can keep it down, in the article linked in the headline above.  I have little comfort that we’ll get anyone to replace Boehner who is any better…maybe less tanned…maybe they’ll cry less…maybe they’ll stay away from the strong drink more.  I doubt that they’ll be a conservative.

One thing in the article that rings true to me is that if the RINOs (AKA GOP establishment) continue to capitulate to Obama and the left AND continue to attack the “rabble-rousers” (AKA elected conservatives) then there will not be a Grand Ole Party.




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