Framing the Dialogue

Blue Shoes and Happiness

This is another of my bargain finds.  In Blue Shoes and Happiness we meet the members of the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency and this novel by Alexander McCall Smith is the seventh in the series and finds  Mma Ramotswe “as she sets out with her usual resolve to solve people’s problems, heal their misfortunes, and untangle the mysteries that make life interesting.”   There doesn’t seem to a single, large case in this novel, but rather a series of disconnected storylines.  There is a new, too raw advice columnist in the local paper, a Game Preserve manager feels fear spreading among his workers, and a local doctor may be falsifying blood pressure readings.

“So it was in Botswana, almost everywhere; ties of kinship, no matter how attenuated by distance or time, linked one person to another, weaving across the country a human blanket there were threads of obligation that meant that one could not ignore the claims of others.  Nobody should starve; nobody should feel that they were outsiders; nobody should be alone in their sadness.”

Though very popular based on the positive reviews on Amazon, this wasn’t my cup of tea, though they drank a lot of tea in the story.

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