Framing the Dialogue

Blue Devil On Defense

In yet another attack on controversial mascots, the Duke Blue Devil has been put in the crosshairs of a group claiming the devil is hurtful.  Lucifer Smythe, a demon from the blue man coven, said recently, “Everytime I watch college hoops I gotta see this oversized Blue Devil on television.  I find this representation of my blue devilish heritage offensive!”  Asked whether he and the other two members of his coven were going to file a lawsuit he answered, “We’ve been in touch with the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ACLU and they think we may have a case. I’d like to give Duke a chance to fix this without going to court, though I’d like to make some money out of this.”

Duke university officials did not return our calls for a response. We did, however, hear from another “blue” community, “I don’t think Lucifer is being overly sensitive.  Blue people have been discriminated against for centuries.” Claimed Papa Smurf, an elder in the local Smurf community.

One has to wonder at the timing of this as the Duke basketball team seems to be on pace toward the NCAA final four, if not the favorite to win it all.

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