Framing the Dialogue


It’s official, Scot Harvath is not only hazardous to the health of America’s enemies, he is hazardous to the health of any reader lucky enough to read about his exploits.  Surely I jest, but I often stay up very late engrossed by the lengths Brad Thor’s hero takes to destroy his enemies making me less than chipper the following morning.

Blowback takes us on a world-wide search and destroy mission to stop a jihadist threat against the United States using weapons perhaps more frightening than nuclear.  Thor borrows from the headlines to develop his characters including a female carpetbag senator who is rather unlikeable and is married to a philandering husband.

Scot Harvath is x-SEAL and x-Secret Service and this thrilling adventure propels him back to the days of the Roman Empire and Hannibal’s attack after his daring crossing of the Alps.  My only advice is that you start this book on a weekend as you’ll feel compelled to read it cover to cover.

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