Framing the Dialogue


bill_oreillyAnyone who has watched Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly knows that he eschews bloviating which is intriguing as he is a serial bloviator.  After the President’s State Of The Union speech on Tuesday the topic of minimum wage has been hotly debated.  And Billy O was kind enough to invite the requisite opposing pundits to discuss the issue.  As he can often do, he proceeded to interrupt the conservative pundit (sorry I don’t remember her name) as she offer the usual proof regarding the FACTS that a minimum wage actually, historically, and truthfully hurts those who are just starting out. Obama with O’Reilly’s blessing wants a minimum wage of around $10.10/hour.

I understand Obama’s play at trying to pin the Republicans as anti-little guy, but O’Reilly must be hanging around too many Washington or New York parties…sampling the KoolAid.  I can only wonder at his stance when he shares a network with Neil Cavuto.

The argument for raising the minimum wage is a tiresome play out of the progressive playbook.  I say let them raise the minimum wage.  My guess is that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce wouldn’t like that, but that’s the way it goes.  They’re all cozy with Obama on immigration…their members will just have to pay their illegals a lot more money.  We as a country have to worry when businesses “participate” in government based only on how they can gain the system to benefit themselves and not based on any principal.  More on that in another post.

The “Republican strategist” on The Factor missed her chance the other night.  She should have used O’Reilly’s logic to it illogical conclusion.  A $10.10 per hour wage only gets the worker just over $20,000.00 per year.  Who the heck can live on that?  She should have called for a REAL LIVING WAGE.  To hell with a measly $10 per hour it needs to be double that giving a gross wage of $40K.  That’s livable.  This wage should not be limited to larger companies, but anyone who works.  My daughters used to babysit when they were younger and would have much more substantial nest eggs to pay colleges had they enjoy a real wage.

For a change let’s just give Libretards what they want.  Some might call this strategy “Going Galt.”

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