Framing the Dialogue

Bloodsucking Fiends

Imagine waking up under a dumpster, disheveled, arm burned, seriously thirsty…oh and having superhuman strength.  The burn from an arm being left out in the sun…though not sunburned.  Jody was made a vampire by a very old beast that felt lonely and his presence puts her in danger as he tests her ability to survive in her new form.  Jody is forced to learn very quickly or perish so she enlists the help of an overnight grocery clerk, C. Thomas Flood.

“As she stepped out of the shower and began mechanically toweling off, she thought, I felt this before when I grieved for my virginity. What do I grieve for tonight? My humanity?  that’s it: I’m not human anymore, and I never will be again. With that realization, events fell into place. She’d been gone two nights, not one. Her attacker had shoved her under the dumpster to protect her from the sun, but somehow her hand had been exposed and burned. She had slept through the day, and when she awoke the next evening, she was no longer human. Vampire. She didn’t believe in vampires.”

The interplay between Jody and Flood is as the subtitle suggests, a love story.  It may sound weird, but this is a rather light read considering the subject matter.  I had mistakenly read the second book before this one, so there were no surprises for me, though I knew some of the outcomes, it was fun to see them evolve.  I really enjoyed this book.

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