Framing the Dialogue

Blinded By The D.C. Lights

While many of us conservatives are not the least bit surprised that Democrat leaders don’t understand the hopes, fears, desires, expectations we have for our country, I have been more than a little surprised at the blindness of so many Republicrats to the same issues.  As a registered Republican (though not for long – can you say independent) I was rather discouraged when our presidential nominee was ordained long before the primary in my state.  Even more perplexing was the fact that Democrat voters and pundits had more say in that selection than millions of registered Republicans.  The turnout in the 2008 election is a testament to the disgust many of us felt, though I swallowed and voted for Palin/McCain.

This failed system has, at least in part, been one of the factors of the meteoric rise of the conservative and Tea Party movements.  Rather than slink away under the onslaught of attacks from the White House, Hollywood, Democrats, the lame-stream media, and even Republicans the Tea Party/Conservative movement has grown into a considerable force.  Finally figuring it out, the many Republicans have “seen the light” at least by their words and have adopted the movement.  These folks want to embrace the movement as another vehicle to ensure their re-election.  Many of these pundits have cautioned to be careful about third party candidates who would essentially hand elections to Democrats.  Many believe that Ross Perot’s run gave the Presidency to Bill Clinton.

Unfortunately this makes a lot of sense unless we again look at the process used to nominate Republican politicians.  The Washington “inside the beltway” crowd of the Republican Party seems to hold us in the same contempt as Democrats.  Are they any better when they tell us who to support?  Who can win?  Who should be elected?  Like the Democrats, Republicrats (my term for Republicans who often embrace Democrat policies and cross the isle to betray conservative principles) are blinded by the lights of Washington beltway power.  

How many times have you heard the likes of Gingrich or Romney take the side of Democrats on issues that go against conservative principles?  Just this morning I read an article where two former Republican governors discussed the “Bush Tax Cuts” and Dick Thornburgh made this statement that should make you shake your head;

“”I would let them expire (totally).  I would much prefer, rather than having those tax cuts expire and going into the general maw in Washington and be quickly devoured, having them come directly to state governments (and) begin to take up the slack in our economy.”

Perhaps the greatest illustration of this has been the primary battle for the Republican nomination to take Joe Biden’s senate seat from Delaware.  Blue-blood Republicans (or Republicrats) came out in force for long-time Delaware politician Mike Castle a RINO against conservative Christine O’Donnell.  O’Donnell, however, was supported by the Tea Party movement, Sarah Palin and Senator Jim Demint.  Demint is rapidly becoming a rising conservative STAR and is not afraid of taking on the Republicrats and spelled it out recently when he said, “No. I’ve been in the majority with Republicans who didn’t have principles and we embarrassed ourselves and lost credibility in front of the country. Frankly, I’m at a point where I’d rather lose fighting for the right cause then win fighting for the wrong cause.” 

Contrast those words with those of Karl Rove known as a great Republican strategist.  Rove is taking heat about his post-election bashing of Christine O’Donnell on election night by essentially providing the narrative for the Democrat campaign ad against her.  Rove sounded every bit like a sore loser and I could interpret his words to be the opposite of Demint’s…he’d rather win than stand for the right cause.  You can watch his performance at this link.  Fast forward 24 hours and Rove again appeared on Fox News on the Greta Van Susteren show last night and I watched expecting him to step back from the attack.  Rove, unlike other Republicrats who changed their tune, was persistent in his attacks against O’Donnell often waving some sort of news printout alleging wrongdoings by the Republican candidate. 

His explanation that as a Fox analyst he must discuss these issues is in sharp contrast of previous hard-line positions defending Republican positions.  The only description of Rove that fits is one of a very small, sore loser and one that he shares with Mike Castle who reportedly has yet to contact Ms. O’Donnell to congratulate her.  Michele Malking reports that Castle did take the time, however, to take calls from Obama and Biden and was supported by Progressive George Soros.  Is there any doubt about Mike Castle’s politics?  Is there any doubt about his character?  Is there any doubt that Republican voters in Delaware made the right call.

Demint echoes the sentiment of many of us.  We are tired of weak RINOs like Lindsay Graham, Arlen Spector, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, Orin Hatch, and even John McCain.  The recent slate of real conservatives ascending to political power is a testament to the determination of Americans to take back the country.  We really don’t need a third party as it seems like we are taking back the Republican Party.  Think of the potential in Congress if the likes of Demint, Rubio, Paul, Angle, Dennis, etc. have some power and as they finally fight for what Americans want. 

In their blindness they don’t see the conservative ascendency coming to their detriment.  That is okay as it only make it easier to oust them from office when it is their turn.  Remember that we surround them.

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