Framing the Dialogue

Blackberry Pie Murder

blackberry pie murder 2The Blackberry Pie Murder is the latest (for me) in the Hannah Swensen “baking” murder mysteries.  The novel is the seventeenth in the series by author Joanne Fluke.  It features the usual cast of characters and Ms. Swensen, her family and the “getting tiresome” love triangle with Mike and Norman.  As usual the book feature numerous recipes for baked goods mentioned in the story.  By my count of all of the books that I read The Cookie Jar, Swensen’s fictitious baker/coffee shop, must have about four hundred cookie on the menu.  In the interest of full disclosure I have actually tried some in the past.

In Blackberry Pie Murder Hannah finds herself is a rather different scenario when she finds this dead body…Sorry this isn’t a spoiler alert as that’s the shtick in this series.  Closer than ever to the crime, Hannah has also to deal with planning her mother’s wedding;

“Hannah reached for her water glass, but her hands began to shake.  She was afraid she’d spill it if she picked it up so she didn’t even try.  Her mouth felt as if it were filled with sawdust and her throat was parched when she attempted to swallow.  She needed to explain…but before she could even try to utter a word, she saw Mike rushing toward her.”

This book is much like the others.  I generally read them because I know what to expect and a friend shares them with me now.  They are rather a short read and not too bad.  I have to admit that the recurring storylines are getting stale to me as with some of the dialogue, but I still read them.

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